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Call: 0300 1234 999


Cats (Rehoming Only): 07432709197
Dogs (Rehoming Only): 07854382106

Branch Policy

Protecting animals from cruelty and harm and providing safe new homes for them.


We are passionate about animals and want to provide them a safe and secure environment.


We believe that no animal should have to suffer.


With your help, we help home thousands of animals each year.


Improving animal welfare in your area.

Veterinary Care

Your contributions help the RSPCA make a differance.

Animal Welfare

Ensuring that those who abuse animals are dealt with appropriately

Veterinary care

The RSPCA Greater Manchester Hospital provides a 24-hour veterinary service for sick or injured, owned and stray animals. People on a low income or who are on certain benefits and who live within the hospital's catchment area can take their animals to the hospital for veterinary advice and treatment.

The Hospital's address is:

411 Eccles New Road
M5 5NN

Tel: 0300 123 0711

As a branch we can make a contribution via a voucher to essential veterinary care for animals belonging to people on low income/means tested benefits. Please contact us for further information.